Hello Beautiful People!

Hello beautiful people!

This is the very first Newsletter for His Dwelling!

This is the BEGINNING.. It is going to be so wild to look back a year from now and see what all the Lord has done! After this email I will be sending out another email sharing the VISION of His Dwelling. For those of you who have already seen it, think of it as a refresher! 🙂

Would you be interested in serving His Dwelling?

I am looking for volunteers that would want to help out! There are 3 TEAMS that I am looking for:


For this team I am looking for people who would commit to helping me fundraise and bring awareness to His Dwelling. My goal is to have people from all over so it broadens our reach. Being on the Engagement team could look like anything from increasing awareness, finding financial partners, organizing campaigns, hosting fundraising events, connecting His Dwelling with Influencers, to assisting in brainstorming new methods/ideas on fundraising. It also could be as simple as you sharing about His Dwelling on your social media platform every month or sharing with your small group. We are getting very close to beginning our fundraising so I am really looking forward to working with this team.


Having a prayer team is VITAL for the sustainability of His Dwelling. After living as a missionary for years now I know that PRAYER is a powerful weapon. I’ve been in so many situations where prayer was needed and I have felt and seen how prayer shifts things. I will not only be needing prayer for the basics but also for serious things such as safety, travel, favor within the government, health, ext. I am going to set up a prayer group in the APP called “Whats App” where I will be sharing important and vulnerable prayer requests. This will also be space for those praying to share what they are feeling led to pray on and what the Lord is speaking to them. If you are interested in this team please pray if you are supposed to be on it. My goal for this group is to have prayer warriors on this team who are COMMITTED to pray for His Dwelling at least weekly.


& last but definitely not least I am looking for people who would want to come serve His Dwelling’s vision in Cape Town. This will be categorized into two groups; short and long term. I will be coming up with more descriptions of the help needed as I get closer. If you read the vision and feel stirred about coming to serve feel free to shoot me a email/text and we can chat about it and pray into it!

If you are interested in joining either or these teams please email me and I will give you further information.