His Dwelling’s mission is to create a safe place where ALL can encounter God’s love.

We believe in working together as ONE body, connecting people with all resources God lays before us in the local communities here in Cape Town. Together we are better. We desire to see the community shift physically and spiritually through encounters with the Father’s love.

Our aim is to:

  • teach others their identity as a beloved child of God
  • help people understand that they are God’s dwelling place
  • be a bridge between the community, the church, and other organizations
  • create a family oriented community with people of different backgrounds and walks of life
  • equip them to go back into their communities feeling empowered through discipleship, outreach, and inner-city connections

Our Vision

By establishing His Dwelling we believe we will see:

People receive new LIFE:

Psalm 36:9: “You are the giver of life. Your light lets us enjoy life”. (NCV)

The broken be RESTORED:

Jeremiah 30:17 “But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds” (NIV)

The sick find HEALING:

1 Peter 2:24 “by his wounds you have been healed.” (ESV)

The lonely find FAMILY:

Psalm 68:6 “God sets the lonely in families, he leads out the prisoners with singing;” (NIV)

Board of Directors



Tatum Hill


Anne Marie Odom


"My name is Anne Marie Odom and I serve as a Board Member and Corresponding Secretary of His Dwelling. Tatum and I grew up in the same city and went to the same high school but since I was several years older, we never formally met until 2019. Sometimes it is exceedingly clear that God has put someone in your path for a reason and I had that feeling from the moment we met. I was unsure what the reason was at first, but I knew she was someone special. She exudes warmth and genuine kindness and her love of the Lord is apparent from the moment you meet her. My day job is as a criminal defense attorney. My most favorite and all-the-time job is being “Mama” to two precious little boys. Tatum came into my life initially as a teacher to my two sons who seemed to be growing more excited about school and Jesus by the week. I have had the privilege of watching her ability to connect with them to share more about God and to exemplify what someone walking with Him through life looks like. Tatum has helped to shape their hearts to love the Lord and I know that she will do that for others wherever she goes. Her ability to create meaningful relationships is incredible. She has a servants heart and her desire to bring God’s love to others knows no bounds. My law degree is just a fancy piece of paper in a frame. How I use it and my ability to serve “the least of these”, both professionally and personally, is what matters. I am honored and humbled to play a small part in helping the ministry of His Dwelling reach as many people as possible"


Kenny Ridgell

Marketing Manager

"My name is Kenny Ridgell, I have known Tatum since Elementary School and have been blessed to see her path clearly directed by God. She has an absolutely miraculous and undeniable call to provide service and desire to spread Gods love.It is encouraging to hear her miraculous stories where the Lord works through her child like faith. She has lived without fear of judgement and is encouraging to people like me who can get stuck in the daily grind to where I forget where my faith stems from. ⠀ I am blessed to have vocational skills where I am able to assist a mission with a sister in Christ. I will be serving on the board of His Dwelling as the Marketing chair. In this position, I will be able to utilize my experiences marketing and resources as the President of a Marketing firm. ⠀ We will be assisting specifically in crafting a narrative with Tatum through her branding, websites, social campaigns, email marketing and other community efforts. This will include growing what is already a fruitful international fundraising effort by expanding the audience and following of His Dwelling by giving people insights into Tatum’s encounters with our God and his people. Honored to work alongside a team that is truly working towards growing our family in Christ. "

anne hill

Anne Hill


"My name is Anne Hill and I am pleased to serve as the Secretary of the His Dwelling Board of Directors. What a privilege it has been to have a front row seat to see God develop this ministry over the course of the last couple of years. And an even greater honor to watch the Lord call and equip its Founder, Tatum Hill, my daughter. ⠀ Years ago, God gave me a heart for missions and I have served on a number of church missions boards and community non-profits over the course of my life. Currently, I work for a local Christian ministry that ministers to individuals experiencing homelessness and life dominating addictions. I am looking forward to see the life change that Jesus will provide through the ministry of His Dwelling."


Jane Doe


John Smith

Board Member
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Our Founder

My name is Tatum Hill. I was born and raised in Greenville, SC in the United States and I am a full time Missionary. I’ve spent years overseas falling more in love with Jesus and His people. His Dwelling is a vision He gave me that I feel completely humbled and honored to steward. 

Tatum described by previous people she’s served on the mission field:

“I thank God for bringing her to us. I don’t think if it wasn’t for her teachings that we would be where we are today. She taught us the most important thing in our lives which is to be in a relationship with God. And that only was the key to everything. Like what the Bible says “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and then all these things shall be added to you” Tatum taught us to seek the kingdom of God. It wasn’t easy but we made it with her help . Her encounters played a very big role in our lives especially mine. I thought I knew how to pray to God but after your teachings I realized I didn’t know how. I was just praying randomly. Now I know that praying to God is also feeling His presence. If I am praying I should feel his presence, and his spirit within me. All thanks to her. She made it easy for me , without her and other leadership, I didn’t think I was going to make it. She was always there for me, watching my back for me....She taught me about characteristics that I didn’t have. Ive learned not just by her teachings but just by simply watching her... thank you for everything.”

"There is something special I learned in my life from Tatum. She taught us about spending time with God. I didn’t know we needed to do that. I now know I need to have time with God praying specific prayers. I now know spending time with him is so sweet. I know I’m important, special, and I’m no longer ashamed with myself. I can now stand in-front of people telling them about my past encouraging them about their future. There are so many people waiting for the blessing Tatum has for them. I pray she continues to share her heart so others will also know how important they are. She is such a good leader. May God bless her abundantly."

"She taught us the greatness of God. We didn’t know how to pray but Tatum taught us how. So I want to thank you for everything you taught us, continue to do it for everyone else. My favorite part about you is you don’t choose who you give your love to - you give it to everyone."

“When I Iook at Tatum I see her like a big tree who gives others shade. She takes people and puts them together. She taught me how to pray and how to forgive others. Whenever I have problems I bring them to her - she always counseled me very well. She would pray for me until I felt better.”

“You were a boss to me, but you also were like a friend to me. You taught me how to pray and how to forgive others. You taught us unity here. I would like to thank you for teaching me to be a prayerful person. In everything you did you are so patient and humble. Thank you.“

“Thank you for Tatum for all the studies you gave us. I didn’t know how to pray. You taught us how to pray through encounters. Now I not only know how to pray for myself but how to pray for others. You also taught us how to decorate. You showed us how to use simple things like fabric and make it into something beautiful. Thank you for everything.”

"I just want to thank God. Since knowing Tatum, whenever I have a problem she can always calm me down. She is such an encourager. I am going to miss her so much."

“Thank you God for sending Tatum to us. I want to thank you Tatum, you are humble. I used to know some people who I thought they were humble but I didn’t know how it is to humble yourself before God but I can see it through you. Just by seeing you I know how to humble myself before God. You taught me how to pray. I used to pray just to pray and I didn’t know to give God time to enter his presence. Now when I’m at home I lay on my bed and I talk to God. I ask him to fill me so I can feel his presence. And then I do feel him. And you taught me that and for that I am forever grateful. You also taught me about communion, I didn’t know that I can eat the bread like I am eating of Him. I know God is within me and I am within him. Whatever situation I am in I know I have power through Christ. Thank you for your teachings."

His Dwelling State Side Team

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Rachael Webb

State Side Team

"God has used the ministry of His Dwelling to speak to my heart and deeply encourage me. I am honored to join the team and play a part in helping him continue to do that for others."


Jabrea White

State Side Team

“I felt led to be apart of the His Dwelling family because I was searching and praying to be apart of a ministry where I could help spread the Gospel and the love that God has granted me, not just to the people in my city, but to the four corners of the Earth. There is no greater feeling than walking in what God had called us to do and getting to encourage others to do the same! God has and is impacting so many others through His Dwelling, including me! “


Julianne Cooper

State Side Team

“I am thrilled and blessed to be a part of His Dwelling. After receiving an amazing word on a “Word Wednesday” I knew this ministry was rooted in intimacy with the Lord. I am so excited to see what God does through this ministry first-hand!”

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Engagement Team

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Jordyn Schwartz

Engagement Team

“I love what His Dwelling is doing and what it’s providing for people..connecting them to each other and to Gods presence”


Holly Ridgell

Engagement Team

"I have known Tatum and her family almost her whole life. She has grown to have such a deep love for the Lord and to serve him by reaching out to the people who need the most. I help with the engagement group and help Tatum find people to share her passion and ministry and I also serve on the prayer team because every ministry needs people committed to lifting it up to the most high, God! Blessings on your path Tatum!"


Meghan & Ovadia Perrodin

Engagement Team

"I am so excited to be apart of this incredible community and vision. His Dwelling represents the culture of heaven on earth. An authentic community that our hearts were made for. I so believe in the mission and vision of this project and I can not wait to see how God moves! I met Tatum 6 years ago in Africa and I am so happy to partner with such a compassionate, empathetic, laid down lover of Jesus! Her and her team are going to bring Life to all they encounter and we are here to support her in any way possible! The beauty of having a heart for missions is you don’t have to live overseas to impact the nations."


Kaci Blayer

Engagement Team

"His Dwelling is the perfect example of what God can do with our simple offerings if only we would just say "yes" to the things he's putting in our hearts and the seasons that will equip us to go there. His Dwelling has been encouraging people all over the world with the truth of the love of Jesus and is equipping and providing a platform for others to do the same."


Brooke Bailey

Engagement Team

"I have been loving the opportunity to bring people closer to the love of Jesus. I am so blessed to be connected with such a beautiful soul as Tatum’s, who has created this amazing organization and a place to come home to Jesus. What a blessing."


Mariana Nepomuceno

Engagement Team

"I’m an ambassador for His Dwelling because I have experienced first hand the support they offer and been so blessed by it. I’ve felt valued and cared for like never before. His Dwelling has helped me get so much closer to God and I want to help others to have this same experience."

apartment view 11

Prayer Team

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Dr. Pamela Patrick Cole

Lead intercessor

Meet Pam. Pam has been praying for Tatum since she was young to now leading the His Dwelling prayer team in strategic prayer.


Dakota Struense


“I believe one of the most powerful ways we can love our beautiful Jesus, is by committing to faithfully pray and invest in those He calls; to support and love them through the means of intercession. It is an honor to be an intercessor for His Dwelling and to support Tatum in the mission God has given her to faithfully steward.”


Pat & Jim Banks

Prayer Tatum/ Tatum's Mentors

Meet Pat & Jim Banks. They are Tatum's spiritual parents and mentors. They have helped Tatum walk through all seasons of life.


Beth & Ryan Kiraly

Prayer Team

“We are so honored to be a part of the prayer team for His Dwelling. The vision, heart, and mission of His Dwelling is one that we believe seamlessly aligns with the Father’s heart - a safe place to encounter His love. We are so privileged to partner in prayer for all the Lord has in store for our dear friend Tatum, her amazing team, and all those who will receive ministry through His Dwelling.”

Kenra & logan coffey

The Coffey Family

Prayer Team

Meet Kenra & Logan Coffey. The Coffeys also have served alongside Tatum in ministry. They have always been like Tatum’s cheerleaders.


Ema Eden

Prayer Team

"It’s such an honour to be on the prayer team for His Dwelling. I know there is so much the Lord has in store for this beautiful ministry. I served along side the founder (Tatum) for 2 years and this is not just a ministry but what she carries, I have watched her create safe spaces for people to encounter Jesus in deep ways. I know the Lord gave you this because you have been faithful with the little, it’s my joy to champion this from moment one to the years to come. I’m in expectation for what He will do."


Brooke Blayer

Prayer Team

"It is such an honor to partner with Tatum, her team and the vision the Lord has given her as a prayer partner for His Dwelling. Prayer is a powerful tool, a weapon of warfare and a beautiful love language with the Father. Prayer paves the way for Gods heart to be released and revealed to those who need him the most. I’m so excited to serve on the prayer team in this ministry. The Lord has already ministered to the hearts of so many before Tatums feet have ever landed Cape Town to do ministry. He isn’t just building a ministry, he has called his daughter to raise up a global family of lovers of God- dwelling daily in His presence."

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Our Partners

We believe in working together as ONE body, connecting people with all resources God lays before us in the local communities here in Cape Town. Together we are better.