COVID-19 Update

Hey everyone! I hope you and your families are healthy and making the best out of this time of quarantine. I believe we can use this as a time to love one another and to seek The Lord in every aspect of our lives.

I wanted to share with you that South Africa has also declared a national state of disaster and has banned all foreign travel and visas temporarily.

As most of you know I was planning to apply for a Visa in April and then my plan was to be in South Africa by this June. Although I cannot get the visa application started quite yet, I still have peace in moving forward with everything else. I have full faith that this is where I am supposed to be regardless if I go June or a couple months down the line because of the outbreak.

The Lord has given me too many beautiful confirmations and open doors for me to back out now or believe it isn’t going to happen.(A testimony is shared at the bottom of this page). It may just look different and that’s okay. For all of our safety I believe the bans are necessary until we know the Virus is controllable.

This actually is giving me a bit more time to organize and fundraise for His Dwelling, which I think is also a gift from God. I will be sharing more details to come but for now I just wanted to share the Status of His Dwelling.

Thank you for the CONSTANT support and love. This step of Faith of my life would be 10x harder if I didn’t have as many precious people in my life supporting me and encouraging me on the daily.

Founder of His Dwelling


For the past month now I have been looking and praying into where I will stay once I’m in South Africa. This has been a big deal to me because as some of you know Cape Town can be dangerous. I’ve had a few things pop up here and there but nothing that I felt peace about. Nothing until recently.

Long story short one of the connections I made when I visited Cape Town in July has kept up with me ever since. The woman is a part of an organization in Muizenberg and she was the one who voiced that they would take me in as family and would love to partner with what I am doing.

Her family is moving into a new house in Muizenberg to an area that houses a lot of missionaries. It is in a SUPER safe area and all of the apartments and houses are right next to each other joined by a courtyard and pool. It just so happens that a one bedroom apartment opening up soon.

Meanwhile,I had a dream the other night that I was in Cape Town sharing with friends that I had found the perfect apartment. THAT MORNING I woke up to a text from the tenant saying they would love to have me there and they felt like it was the Lord. Which is even more incredible because the lease actually ends in April but they made a plan of short term renting it until I get there!! Although this travel ban may mess up dates, they have been super forward with me in saying they feel like I am a good fit. LOOK AT JESUS. Not only is he providing me a safe place to live but the best of the best. I will not only be surrounded by people who I am going to be working with on a day to day basis but I also will have a place of my own in the AREA I FEEL CALLED TO! *MIC DROP*. GOD IS GOOD.